This will be a modern fantasy campaign, using the D&D 5E rules, based in the Final Fantasy VII universe.


Every person has a story.

As the world moves towards technological advancement, the promise of limitless energy stokes the fires of progress. The ShinRa Power Electric Company continues to convert mako into electricity, but more importantly, into materia—condensed magic—the true power of ShinRa. However, there are those that wish to stop ShinRa’s lofty goal: mercenaries, eco-terrorists, and religious zealous, who claim they are draining the very lifeblood of the planet, scheme to put a halt to this bright future… but are they who you think they are and is everything what it seems?

Every person has a story.
What story will the Lifestream tell of you?

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Final Fantasy VII: Stories of the Lifestream

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