Don Corneo

A lonely, perverted man looking for love


Don Corneo is a mafioso-style leader who resides in Sector 6’s Wall Market in Midgar, an area filled with shops, restaurants and a brothel known as the Honey Bee Inn, which Don frequents.


Don Corneo is a short, portly man sporting a thin mustache and blonde hair shaved at the sides. The word “Love” above a heart pierced by an arrow is tattooed on the left side of his head, and he is never without a cigar in his mouth. His outfit consists of a red three-quarter length coat with fur trim on the collar and cuffs over a white shirt, opened partway to reveal a hairy chest, blue jeans with a golden belt buckle and white shoes. Corneo appears fond of jewellery and wears stud earrings, a medallion round his neck, and several rings on his fingers.


Don Corneo fits the Mafia leader stereotype, using lackeys to do his dirty work for him, having a reputation both feared and revered, and always getting his own way. He is rather perverted and enjoys the company of beautiful women to use as he will, though he also has a cold and ruthless side, discarding others to the mercy of his lackeys and doing anything he can to make sure he is the victorious one in a confrontation.

Don Corneo lives in a large house that looks rather like a palace with a Chinese inspired décor, split into five rooms: The main room is a reception area; Don Corneo’s “throne room” has a red carpet walkway and is where he lines up prospective girls for interview; Don’s bedroom, through a door behind the throne room; a dungeon room, which includes a torture rack (possibly for S&M); and the last room, a room for Don Corneo’s underlings to stay and do as they wish with the girls Don has rejected.

The mansion interior has a Chinese-inspired design — possibly consisting of souvenirs from Wutai — and there are many mysterious kanji phrases scattered around, such as: 古留根屋 (‘old remaining root house’ [koruneo = Corneo]) and 業座 (‘work seat’ [gyouza = Chinese dumplings]). The concept behind the phrases being read one way, yet meaning another, is ‘ateji’, which means using kanji/Chinese characters based on how they are read, and not what they mean, which means one can’t tell the meaning at all by looking at how the characters are written.

In Don Corneo’s bedroom, his bedspread bears a large 天, which means “heaven” or “sky”; this fits into the general vain horniness of his personality.

Don Corneo

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