Circa [ μ ] – εγλ 1992

  • The Wutai War begins between the forces of Wutai and Shinra when Wutai, the last major land free of their influence, denies Shinra permission to build a Mako Reactor on sacred Wutai grounds. Among the Shinra troops deployed to Wutai are Sephiroth, now a SOLDIER 1st Class.
  • Sephiroth’s unparalleled strength and skill gain recognition during the war, making him a world-famous war hero.

[ ν ] – εγλ 0001


  • The Wutai War ends.
  • Beginning of the AVALANCHE Insurgency.

[ ν ] – εγλ 0003



  • 8:30 AM – The Turk arrives in Corel to stop AVALANCHE from destroying the Mako Reactor.
  • To cover up AVALANCHE’s resurgence Shinra blames the explosion on Corel, dispatching a Shinra Security unit, led by Scarlet, to attack the mining village. Corel is burned to the ground and the survivors flee to North Corel.

[ ν ] – εγλ 0004

  • The Gongaga Reactor explodes, killing many of the townsfolk.

[ ν ] – εγλ 0006


  • October 29 – Fuhito comes to Cosmo Canyon seeking information from Bugenhagen to further his plans.

[ ν ] – εγλ 0007



  • On the path to Zirconiade the Turk confronts Fuhito and Shears comes to the Turk’s aid. The Turk and Shears defeat Fuhito but before they can retrieve the Materia Fuhito merges it with his body and gives it up as an offering to Zirconiade and is transformed, endowing himself with the powers of Zirconiade. The Turk and Shears defeat the newly-transformed Fuhito and destroy the Zirconiade Materia, but Shears dies. The Turk continues toward Zirconiade, so it may be destroyed for good.
  • The Turks destroy Zirconiade and as Zirconiade’s domain shatters the shockwave destroys a part of Sector 6.

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