Optional and House Rules

Adventuring Options

  • Firearms & Explosives: Modern

Combat Options

  • Group Initiative At the beginning of every combat, you roll initiative by making a Dexterity check, which is made as a group check (PHB p.175). For every “normal” combatant the group engages, the DM rolls one die for their initiative. For “special” combatants, the DM rolls one die per player character for their initiative. Advantage and disadvantage applies to all dice rolled for a particular group.

Example: If there are three “normal” combatants, the DM rolls three dice for their initiative. However, if there is one “special” combatant, the DM rolls (in the case of four player characters) four dice for its initiative, advantage and disadvantage applying to all dice rolled (eight dice rolled).

  • Flanking

Magic Options

  • Spell Points: Magic Point (MP) total equals Magic Die (MD) + Intelligence modifier.

Racial Options

  • Variant Human Traits
    Languages: Everyone begins play being able to speak, read, and write English (Common). Additionally, those from Wutai begin play being able to speak, read, and write Japanese.

Starting Equipment

  • In addition to the starting equipment received from your class, you start with one common materia of your choice.


Additional Rule Changes

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Optional and House Rules

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