The Lifestream is a river of spiritual energy coursing through the Planet and is considered to be its “blood” and as a swell of souls, a river of the dead’s memories. It is the sum of all living things on the Planet and each new life (plants, animals, and human beings) is “blessed” with spiritual energy prior to birth. Upon the organism’s death, its spiritual energy returns to the Lifestream, taking with it the memories of its lifetime allowing the Lifestream as a whole to grow and the cycle to continue.

The Lifestream is extracted and processed by the ShinRa Electric Power Company to create Mako energy for electricity, and for condensing it into Materia. Mako is removed from the Planet by Mako Reactors, used up, and then ceases to be. It is said that the Mako extraction process would eventually lead to the Planet’s death.

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